Happy Puppy Dance!

Everybody join in!

Jumping for joy with your head up in the air. Eyes closed in contentment as your feet tap out a happy jig. That’s what I’m doing today.

Got the report from the first of my Beta Readers. She stayed up until 4am finishing it because she couldn’t put it down. There is almost no higher praise than that.  As this is not her normal genre, it also lets me know Black Sun has the ability to reach beyond the normal “sci-fi” “horror” crowd. She gave me about six lines needing work, but out of 436 pages and 90k works, not too shabby and already fixed. This is exciting, and I can’t wait to hear from my other readers. Come on, big money, no whammys. (Does anyone get that reference anymore? Oh well, back to happy dance.)

On other fronts, the first few lines of Black Moon are written. They came to me with a great image, even if that image involved pain and panic. Being able to write again is making me so happy. Editing and polishing is fun, but I missed this creation part. I shared the first two lines with JP and his reaction was “Starting with a bang, huh?” Absolutely. Black Moon is shaping nicely in character and scene sheets. Now the words are allowed a license of their own to show me where all these well laid plans of humans and vampires are actually going to lead us this time. Plus, there will be the introduction of another entire paranormal group in this book. I can’t wait. *smile*

I look at how twisted and complicated my characters lives become when left in my hands. Murphy’s Law happens, but doesn’t cover half the messes that find them. Then I remember a favorite quote by alien buff Duane Alan Hahn:

“We’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law. There should also be Rube Goldberg’s Law (a result is often caused by a complicated chain reaction of seemingly unrelated events). Both of those laws seem to be best buddies and they’ll often knock Occam’s Razor to the floor and kick its whiny little [butt].”

Until then, I will have to wait and write those complications into existence until the other readers get back to me on Black Sun.


About Courtney Sloan

A New Orleans native, Courtney Sloan relocated to the hills of Central Maryland after Hurricane Katrina. There she lives with her husband and fellow author, J.P. Sloan, their son and their crazy German Shepherd pup. Adding to her writing life, Courtney is also a professor at the local college and enjoys learning a world of new ideas from her students as she teaches them about writing and communicating. Courtney’s New Orleans upbringing has left her with a love for the macabre and a flare for the next to normal. She writes speculative fiction with a variety of horror and sass mixed in for flavor. She loves taking the world of politics that haunts us now, and adding the supernatural to create a gumbo of thrills to keep you up at night. A self-proclaimed lover of way too many fandoms, Courtney also loves crafting. From blankets to jams to stories, it’s always better homemade. View all posts by Courtney Sloan

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