An Asymmetrical Approach to Anger

Serious moment time, Dark Dreamers,

No dark urban fantasy or even vampire fun today. Today something happened to your friendly neighborhood  new adult author that really stuck with me. I shared it with some, and was asked to share it here.

Sometimes a different approach works best:
This morning I wasn’t feeling well so didn’t get breakfast at home. Driving to work I realized I hadn’t eaten last night and also not this morning. My hypoglycemia made its awful presence known, so I pulled into a McD’s to get a quick breakfast burrito to pick up some protein. Paying cash, I fumbled putting the change back in my purse and this seemed to upset the gentleman behind me. In his Lexus SUV and suit and tie, talking on his cell phone, he began honking at me in line for taking too long. Yelling between me and his phone, he drew not only my attention butt that of the young lady at the window. My first reaction was to unleash my frustration of not feeling well and yell right back and get angry.

I took a deep breath and a different tactic. I looked at the young lady and asked how much his order was. She blinked at me and replied $3.54. I told her I would like the pay for his meal. She blinked at me with a new air of disbelief and said “Really?” I told her “Really.” So I paid for his meal as he edged his car closer and closer to my bumper, obviously trying to give me the hint to get out of his way.

I pulled up to the next window and waited for my food, which did take a little longer than I expected. Behind me, I watched as the girl explained to him and pointed at me. He looked at me, still holding his cell phone and then hung it and his head. He pulled up a respectful distance from my car and waited. I got my burrito and as I pulled away, He looked up. I could tell he wanted to say something, but he quickly looked back down again.

Too often responding in kind only makes situations worse. Sometimes the Asymmetrical approach gives a louder message than screaming. I felt better than if I’d let him get to me and he actually heard the message.

P.S. When I opened my bag, the people inside gave me like 3 times my order, lol. Maybe today won’t be as bad as the start.


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About Courtney Sloan

A New Orleans native, Courtney Sloan relocated to the hills of Central Maryland after Hurricane Katrina. There she lives with her husband and fellow author, J.P. Sloan, their son and their crazy German Shepherd pup. Adding to her writing life, Courtney is also a professor at the local college and enjoys learning a world of new ideas from her students as she teaches them about writing and communicating. Courtney’s New Orleans upbringing has left her with a love for the macabre and a flare for the next to normal. She writes speculative fiction with a variety of horror and sass mixed in for flavor. She loves taking the world of politics that haunts us now, and adding the supernatural to create a gumbo of thrills to keep you up at night. A self-proclaimed lover of way too many fandoms, Courtney also loves crafting. From blankets to jams to stories, it’s always better homemade. View all posts by Courtney Sloan

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