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Waiting for Tomorrow

Black Sun is a chapter and a half away from being ready for beta readers. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Years of work, ready for people in the world to experience and enjoy.  A step closer to the reality of a dream.

So rather than boring you all with more revision talk, how about something special from my special files of short works. This is an excerpt from the short story I told you about on May 23rd. The working title right now is “Waiting for Tomorrow”. This would be the opening mood setter. It’s still rough, but is starting to shape up.

“The lieutenant stomped his boots in the snow, gaining back momentary feeling in his feet.  Brief but satisfying none the less.  He gazed out at the large black structure that stared at them day and night.  The gate to nowhere they’d been “assigned” to watch for the last six months did the same thing it did everyday…nothing.  Just hung there in the middle of the Dakotas, big and ominous and empty.  If it did something, maybe he could keep his men’s mind on their task better, but no.  Some swore it hummed; he’d never heard it.”


What could put humanity on the endangered species list?


A glimpse into the station: Excerpt from Black Sun

Just to wet your collective whistles on the story, here’s a small excerpt from my current project, Black Sun. This is only the second time the “V word” has come up, and it’s in Chapter 7.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think, if you’re inclined.

Black Sun Writing Notes

Just one binder of notes


“No, offense, Colonel, but how can it be necessary to endanger a station like this? There were no problems before–”

“Before I came. I know.”

“Then why put us in blackout?”



He sighed softly. “Traffic, Alex. I had to make sure no one could get on or off station.”

“Then why not work with security and logistics? That way we would still have our cameras and could start doing sweeps.”

“Because our enemy could use it as well. Now it’s harder for them to track their prey.”

“Prey? What the hell?” The Commander had finally caught up with the conversation. “Colonel, I assure you we have no unregistered animals on this station. Lieutenant Larn personally checks every entry.”

He looked hard at Alexandra, making her feel very uncomfortable. “Lieutenant Larn checks everything. I’m sure she does.”

“Then how could there be any animals, and why would they care about cameras?”

Jax didn’t answer, but Alexandra had had enough. She turned to the Commander. “He’s not talking about animals, Sir. I am quite sure the Colonel here is completely insane. I would recommend you overriding the system and reestablishing contact with the rest of the Galactic Arm.”

The Commander straightened. “Insane?”

“Yes, Sir. He has already approached me with his theory. It is juvenile and baseless.”

“What is it?”

She couldn’t believe the words about to pass her lips.

Jax smirked at her. “Go ahead, Lieutenant, answer your Commander. What is my theory?”

She blew out in frustration. “He thinks it’s vampires.”

The room was silent.


“Yes, Sir. He says that we’re infested with vampires. While people are dying, he’s wasting time with fiction. That’s the reason he’s shut us down and cut us off from the supplies and backup that we need so desperately.”

Jax walked around the desk and leaned on it in front of Alexandra’s chair. “So, tell me, Alex, how else would you explain what happened to the bar worker? She was found with no blood left in her body and no blood around her. She had puncture marks too small to have caused her death.”

“She was killed somewhere else.”

“Where’s all her blood?”

“I don’t know, but security and medical will find the answer.”

“And I’m sure that’s exactly where the answer won’t be found.”

“This is stupid. Colonel, I hate to be the one to tell you this but, vampires…don’t…exist.”

He shook his head and spoke a bit softer. “And, Lieutenant, I wish I could agree, I really do, but vampires do exist.”

“Answer me this, Mr. Expert, why would vampires destroy the blood supply if they needed it so badly? Isn’t that sorta counterproductive?”

“Oh, that? That’s easy. They didn’t do it.”

“So, now there’s vampires and something else. What, The Wolfman?”