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Our First Writing Wednesdays

Dear Dark Dreamers,

These last few months I have been a part of a talented group of authors who all have books coming out in 2016. All are either new adult or young adult, and we write in everything from dark urban fantasy to romance to thrillers. These people are as amazing as their upcoming books. Together we are pushing each other to be greater and get more done by blog hopping once a week. Basically every Wednesday, we’ll post what we’ve been doing writing or publishing-wise during the week, anything we’ve learned, and what we hope to get done in the next week. It’s just a fun way to keep on track with writing goals week-to-week and push for more.

This week has been amazingly productive and busy.

1st– For the last few weeks the publisher and I have been working like crazy artistic bees on cover ideas for Book One of The American Scion series, OF SCIONS AND MEN. We’ve decided to push the envelope and not do a traditional style cover. As of the end of last week, we have settled on concept art, and it’s off in the hands of an exceptionally talented artist. I now know who the artist is. I cannot wait to share this amazing idea and work with the rest of you.

2nd– I am hard at work on Book Two of The American Scion series, THE SCIONS OF WRATH. So far I’ve written about 10k words this week. So, it’s going well and my structure is shaping up well. I was having some trouble with chaptering my inciting event chapters. But I lucked out and this week was my critique group’s meeting. Not only did I get some great suggestions, I also seem to have made some fellow writers white-knuckle as they read the events of this chapter. So, yay!

I’ve gotten a lot done, but I’ve got to push for more. Time to crack the whip, and I’ll hope you’ll all join in.

Yes, Readers, may I have another.

Yes, Readers, may I have another.

From now to next Wednesday, I want to get another 10-15k written. Also, I want to get some more marketing ideas under my belt and set up. This is the part I need to learn the most about. It’s a strange new world, and I need to jump in educated but with both feet.

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Plotting Pantzer

“Cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse.” -William S. Burroughs

This idea from Mr. Burroughs has been my creed in writing for a long time. Let the Muse be my guide. I had every faith she’d lead me to words and ideas needed to turn a single “what if” thought into a three dimensional world someone could eat, sleep and love in. This path of letting fate and my muse guide me to the best story possible sometimes classified me as a “Pantzer” in the writer’s world.

See, writers like to classify themselves into two categories, and like the Dr. Seuss story about the war over which way bread should be buttered, these classifications are the root of many great debates, perhaps even more so than the current war over the oxford comma. Many writers are how I described above. These “Pantzers”, so named for the way they write by the “seat of their pants”, claim that plans limit writing and the characters. Many also feel that the planning rarely stays constant from beginning to end, so why waste time on it?

Their points are vehemently countered by the opposite faction, the Plotters. These writers use programs and notes and charts to plan out their book from beginning to end. There are many choices of charts to follow. From the old reliable of Campbell’s Monomyth/Hero’s Journey to the 3 Act structure to the Working W to the 4 Act Progression, which is right to write, and which will ease the path of the young writer. Programs like Scrivener versus the ol’ word processor give different options to think through every nuance of the story and characters. It is also a great way to make sure continuity stays consistent and characters don’t change eye color from one scene to the next. An adage states to write well the two stages of writing someone should spend the most time in are prewriting/planning and revising. Plotters exemplify this to a T.

In my history, I’m the rebel neither group really likes. The Plotting Pantzer. I would plan the major plot turns and characters, then run with it. Normally, turns would change and the characters would lead me to new, most times better, places, I’d never considered before. It was a wild ride every time.

But now, as I am working on book two of the American Scions series, THE SCIONS OF WRATH, I have wadded through new waters.

Plotting, we got your plotting right here.

Plotting, we got your plotting right here.

Yes, dear friends, you are looking at a fully formed W plot structure for my next book. It goes through not just the major plot A, but also the B subplot. There may or may not be some romance (in the most twisted way possible) for our dear Rowan. And adding to the excitement, that is my series Bible there, full of character sheets, histories, emotion tells, maps, secrets, etc.

So, this is me voyaging over into the realm of organization and I feel excited to see it all there like that. I’ll report back on the success of this new approach, but for now Geronimo!