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Melting the Teacher

Today I’m going to keep this one short. Since I’ve been picked up by Curiosity Quills, I have had a number of my teaching colleagues ask me, “If you become the next big thing, are you going to give up teaching?”

First, I’d like to say, thank you for you faith in me, but that probably won’t happen. Lightning striking is wonderful and beautiful and very, very rare. So, as much as I love my work getting out there and hope everyone reads it, I’m not holding my breath to have the J.K. Rowling life.

Second, the answer is easy, No. No, I love teaching and would not give it up. I love the power and world I help students achieve through communication and writing. I love how they keep me on my toes with their insight and new world views. I love learning from them as I teach them (today I learned that GPS on planes is not a thing and by God it should be). I love how teaching makes me happy everyday. So, no I would never give it up as long as someone has a class for me to teach.

Also, teaching gives me days like today. Today was the last day of a J-Term course. During J-Term we do the entire semester in 10 days. It’s intense and asks a tremendous amount from the students, especially as this is a group class. They have to do projects and tests and activities with a group of students and learn to communicate and perform well with this group of people they didn’t know before class. Sometimes it can get stressful, especially in such a short class. But today, after their final was done and their grades were in, I had a group come up to me and give me this.

*cues sappy music swell*

*cues sappy music swell*

It is filled with personal notes from each of them expressing their thanks and excitement about the class. I had another student come and tell me it not only helped him already at work, but also in his communication with his fiancee. These students and the ones that will come after them are the reasons I would never give this up. They give me hope that the future will have people who can communicate and solve problems, not get stuck on positions. They are the ones building what others can’t see yet today.

To each of them, I want to say, “Thank you” right back.They are the reasons.