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Lost in the Woods

There’s not much to report. I am on the edge of my seat waiting on the feedback from my first beta reader. And from the requests showing up in my inbox, so are the other beta readers. New eyes are always a scary feature to writing. I learned this clearly in my critique group. Will they get the nuance and meaning you were trying to lace into the description and dialogue? Will they follow the action or get lost in the fight? Did you beat them over the head with the message or was it subtly woven into the story? Are there too many characters, not enough? Was the story too complex, or not complex enough? Having done editing for a while now, I explain over and over, “I know it’s perfectly clear in your head, but that clarity never reached the paper”. Is this where I will be, or does the story have a complete linear thrust without being too obvious?

Well, there’s nothing I can do on it now, until it comes back full of markups and comments. So on to the next feat. I have finished the first draft of “Waiting for Tomorrow” and am letting it breathe a bit of its own life. Letting it grow some legs, if you will. In the meantime, it’s time to do what I’ve wanted to since April. It is time to get underway on Black Moon. The world is established, some of the characters are established, now it is time to establish the scenes. I will be sitting down with my scene and character worksheets and blocking out each major scene and the reasons it belongs in the story.


Black Moon

A whole new adventure

I know once I start drafting, I may venture away like Red Riding Hood from the path, but sometimes the Big Bad Wolf is the best part of the story. So, here’s to getting lost in the woods and the adventure to find my way back. Black Moon it’s your turn.


Beta, Beta, bo Beta

The first of my Beta Readers has Black Sun. He is also double checking my continuity and copy editing. I am excited to have someone else’s eyes reading my work in full. A giant step forward. Every step is making this more real, and I can’t describe how that makes me feel deep down. Dreams are enticing and amorphous ghosts that chase us through life. It’s fun to do the chasing for once, and to feel that I am almost a hand’s reach away.

Problems in the food chain affect everyone

On other fronts, I did a lot of work today on “Waiting for Tomorrow”. This is set between Black Moon (Book 2) and Black Planet (Book 3). A glimpse into the future the characters will have to deal with. It’s nice to be writing from another perspective and on planet again, even if the ending is not quite “and they all lived happily ever after”.